How To Start Binary Options

Why trade Binary Options

Binary Options are a way to trade short-term movements in world financial markets, from forex, stocks, commodities to indices. There are lots of reasons why you may add binary options trading to your investment portfolio and strategy, but below are 5 of our top reasons to trade binary options:

1. Returns

One of the biggest advantages of trading binary options over another form of investments is the returns offered. Binary options offer returns of up to 91% on a successful investment. With many other forms of investment, a 10% return over the space of one year is thought to be very good.

 2. Flexible

Binary options offer trades ranging from as quick as 30 seconds to weekly trades. Traders can enter and exit many trades per trading day. We find most Indian traders look for trades that expire in a one hour. Binary options can be a lot more face paced than traditional stock market investing.

3. Straight Forward

Binary options trading can be straight forward – pick if an asset will rise or fall for a given time period. You do not need to worry about many things other traders need to consider as binary options have no leverage, no margin calls, no calculating fair value, no commission, no interest applied and no waiting days for settlement.

4. Access Global Markets

With binary options, those from India can trade the price of currencies, stocks, indices, commodities such as gold and oil and now even Bitcoin, all from the one account. Access a huge amount of global financial markets and take advantage of trading opportunities from across the world, without the headaches of traditional direct ownership of foreign investments.

5. Limited Risk

One of the great things about binary options is that ALL trades have a capped and known downside. If you invest $25 on a trade then you know that the most you can lose on the trade is, in fact, $25. You will never get a margin call or be owing to your broker more money than you have on your account. This is can be one of the problems when trading forex or CFDs as in most cases you can lose more than the amount you have on your account. Binary options are used by Indian traders, both new and experienced traders.
Your capital is at risk.

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